Meet our Animals

"Tulip" the Skunk


"Tulip" is descented and about as sweet as they come.  She lives with our Raccoon, who currently doesn't do shows, and they have been friends since they were babies.  "Tulip" joined us from another zoo in Iowa.

"Rowdy" the Red Fox


"Rowdy" has been with us since he was just a few months old and has always been a crowd favorite.  He comes from the same zoo as the Skunk and even knows how to walk on leash.

"Turbo" the Hedgehog


"Turbo" was someone's pet who know longer had the time to spend with him so he was donated to us.  Believe it or not you can still pet him!

"Pebbles" the Ruby Macaw


"Pebbles" has been with us the longest and was our first educational animal.  She is best for outdoor shows or indoor shows with alot of space...she likes to make noise while waiting for her turn.

"Cornflake" the Albino Corn Snake


"Cornflake" measures in at approximately two feet in length and is great at teaching kids that snakes really aren't scary.  He came to us as a donation when his family was moving far away and could not take him with them.

"Harvey" the Bearded Dragon


"Ernie" was rescued from a facility that couldn't give him  proper care, and has been with us for many years.  His calm personality makes him great for any event!

We have more animals, profiles are coming soon so just ask!

"Titan" the Potbelly Pig


"Titan" came from a local farm at just a few months old and spent several months living in the house getting socialized to our family.

"Bowser" the Potbelly Pig


"Bowser" came at the same time as Titan and the two of them are inseparable. 

"Darryl and Eugene" the Lionhead Rabbits


These two rabbits are a hit at any show or petting zoo, just check out that hair!

"Mr.Pibb" the Russian Tortoise


"Mr.Pibb" was donated to us when his owner wasn't able to give him enough attention anymore, altho Mr. Pibb is actually a Mrs. Pibb!

"Indigo" the Rosehair Tarantula


Are you brave enough to have this creepy crawler walk across your hands??

"Archie" the Arctic Fox


"Archie" came from another zoo in Missouri and is only 8 months old.  He enjoys play time with the dogs.

"Daphne" the Ferret


"Daphne" enjoys naps on our laps as we travel to shows and events.  

"Coral" the Mini Goat


"Coral" is a little more shy than her friend Ollie, but still loves attention at our petting zoos.

"Ollie" the Mini Goat


"Ollie" and "Coral" spend all day together and love getting into trouble on the farm.